Go Cart

Go Cart Day Winners

The Big Go Cart Challenge – 2017


Sunday 30th July – The big Go Cart Challenge at Dolcoed saw 8 mad campers design and make their Go carts for a timed trial through the site.

There were Go Carts from the Smiling Assassin and his caravan trailer, Team Les and his pit stop crew, Reverend Roly and his coffin, Bob the Builder, Team Ferrari, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, The Stiletto Heel from “Michelle Shoemaker” and the Bodgit and Scarper go cart. The effort, time and money spent were incredible and we can only increase numbers for next years’ event. The day consisted of points for the best fancy dress and Go Cart, The time trial and the distance travelled. The overall winner on the day was Michelle Shoemaker and her stiletto heel.  Trophies were given and medals awarded.

We would like to thank everyone for the huge effort that was made to make this event a huge success; we look forward to next year.

Anyone wishing to take part please contact Dolcoed for details.

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